Our Approach

Dynamic Markets helps clients focus on what is important.  Markets are dynamic, changing and evolving all the time.  From time to time, it is necessary to take a step back and review the current market situation and a company’s approach to it – which messages need to be conveyed to which channels, specifiers or end-users and through which media?  Whether a new product is being launched, a new market is being entered or an existing market is going through a significant transition, unique and client-specific understanding is key.  As markets evolve, the communications messages and media follow a predictable pattern.  Our strategic research first identifies the market situation, and then offers guidelines as to the best way in which to approach them.

The more you can pre-identify potential customers, the more effective you can be in reaching them.  The more you know about who the softest targets are, the less communications resource you waste.  The more you understand how your customers buy, the more you can focus your marketing efforts.

Research can also be used as a tactical tool to support a client's sales, marketing and PR efforts.  Dynamic Markets also specialises in this area, helping clients make a big impact on the right people.